NIH Visiting Program: How to Apply

Foreign national scientists (pre/post doc) who wish to participate in the NIH Visiting Program must first secure an invitation for an award or appointment from a senior NIH investigator at the NIH. The award or appointment is offered based on a candidate's qualifications and the research needs of the host laboratory.

Individuals interested in a Visiting Program fellowship or appointment should write to a senior NIH investigator at NIH who works in the same research field, enclosing a resume and brief description of their particular research area and interests. The NIH senior investigator serves as the participant's supervisor or sponsor during the period of award or appointment.

Information about the research opportunities at the NIH may be obtained through the following websites:

Prospective Visiting Program participants should review the NIH Visiting Program overview and “Information for NIH Visiting Program Participants” brochure to help make an informed decision before accepting an award or appointment.

Once an award/appointment recipient has been invited to participate in research at NIH, the Division of International Services, Office of Research Services, will be informed by the hosting Institute or Center (IC) and we will begin to process the immigration documents required by the prospective participant to obtain the appropriate visa to enter the United States.

We appreciate your interest and hope this information is useful to you. Good luck in your search for research opportunities at NIH.

Please note that the NIH is an E-Verify employer. For details on this program, click here.

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